Our Half Moon Sports Grill offers:

  • An array of HiDef Tv's for your sports and viewing pleasure.

  • A traditional American game day cuisine featuring burgers, salads and sandwiches along with our    award winning traditional items.

  • Private rooms for meetings and special occasions.

An Arizona Original

The Story Behind Half Moon Sports Grill & It's Name


It was a perfect spring day on the golf course with a buddy and a couple of girlfriends. We just finished up the 6th hole and were getting ready to tee off on the 7th. As my friend addressed the ball, he was distracted by the laughter of the ladies with us. They directed our sights to a rather large guy, who was lining up a putt on the green we just came off. As he strutted around looking for the best angle, he bent down and we were exposed to what triggered the laughter. A plumber's smile like none you have ever seen……several times over. We were completely amused and somewhat nauseated by the sight. With the image forever etched into our minds, all we could do was laugh and try to refocus on the game at hand. The beauty was that we did appreciate the glory in the man's effort. It was at that moment we understood that you didn't have to be a great athlete to enjoy great sports. After several more beers and several more holes, we laughed at the reality of a "plumber's smile" or "half moon", while going for the glory in every sport. Hence the photos around the sports grill. Thanks to fashion, women began contributing with their own version of the "half moon". It was then the Half Moon Sports Grill idea began to take shape.

      What you are now experiencing is the concept that was born that day on the golf course. It is the lighthearted humor of the "half moon", combined with a comfortable yet casual setting. It is the delicious food to compliment our outrageous audio and visual experience. It is everything you imagined in a sports bar, only better. Now you know how it all began. When you get a moment, take a walk and gaze upon the images on the walls and it will become very clear, sometimes too clear. We invite you to relax and have some fun with us, enjoy the game with some old friends and make some new ones. So get your game on and remember, keep an eye out for the "half moon!"